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Out of the Fire-RAKU Gallery
Raku is a firing method in which the piece is glazed and fired in a kiln to a temperature of about 1800 F. When the glaze has melted, the piece is removed from the red-hot kiln with metal tongs, and placed in a metal container with combustible materials like newspaper or sawdust. The red-hot piece immediately ignites the combustible material causing flames and smoke. A lid is placed on the container and the fire consumes the oxygen in the container. This lack of oxygen creates what is called a reduction atmosphere. This atmosphere with the smoke, react with the clay and glaze to create unpredictable metallic and lustrous effects. As a result, every piece is unique because the exact process can never be reproduced. Raku potter will not hold water and is not food safe. It should not be displayed in direct sunlight. Contact us via e-mail for purchases or additional pictures.

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  Size: small 8" total height
  Glaze: White Crackle with Ferric
  Lid: Orange Rock Geode
  Firing: RAKU

  Price: $125.00 US

   Size: Medium 10" total height
  Glaze: White Crackle 
  Lid: RAKU Spirit Bear/ Tourquoise
  Firing: RAKU

  Price: $325.00   SOLD

Size: Medium 12" total height
Glaze: White Crackle
Lid:RAKU Kokopelli/Tourquoise
Firing: RAKU

Price: $325.00 US  SOLD